BMW launches car data unit

BMW is enhancing the way it captures and uses the data it can collect from your car.

BMW CarData, enables customised service options for owners such as individualised insurance premiums, based, for example, on actual distance travelled. Or faster service appointments, because the necessary part has been ordered in advance.

In the future, there will be personalised infotainment options.

Just who gets your data and how is it used is a sensitive point.  BMW specifically allows customers to decide what happens with their data.

Service providers, such as garages, insurance companies and fleet managers, can register with BMW CarData. If customers want to use a specific service and actively consent to the release of their telematics data, the requesting companies receive the data they need for the service in encrypted form via BMW’s secure backend.

BMW would argue that, of course, the safest way to ensure the security of your data is to always go to a BMW service area.

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