Bosch debuts first motorcycle split-screen display

If you can’t beat them, join them

According to a survey by the Bosch company, nearly 90% of motorcycle riders use their smartphone to prepare for or follow-up on trips. A third of those polled admitted to using their smartphone while riding.

Motor cycle riders have to look at their dials for safety reasons such as keeping within the speed limits but also they need other information such as navigational directions.

Distraction and frustration can build up if you have to keep swapping between screens for different information.

Bosch has developed a split screen display that, they say, will allow riders to keep relevant information in constant view.

The device has a 10.25-inch screen that links to your phone systems and will debut on a 2021 BMW sport-tourer, the first production bike to display a full-color navigation map in the instrument cluster.

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