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Quirky: Will traffic cameras capture more personal activities?

Sensing if you fart and putting rude symbols on bald heads And in our panel discussion with Errol Smith and Brian Smith The technology revolution has impacted the way we count traffic, cyclists and pedestrian numbers. Now Dahua Technology has released an entry-level hybrid thermal imaging camera that has multiple applications within the transportation industry.

Quirky: A new way to road test a car?

Forget surveys after the event. Measuring your response as it happens. And in our panel discussion with Errol Smith we take a carefree, look at how we might judge a car in the future. Originally aired on17 June 2017. For past programs and individual segments visit

Quirky: Dodge Demon – Street racer 2017

Fiat Chrysler produces a car that reflects the 1960’s muscle car period. Made for going very fast in a straight line.   Alan Zurvas and David Brown take a merry look at Fiat/Chrysler‘s latest super car – the Dodge Demon.  Less of a modern complete package and more of the old muscle car street dragster. Have a

Quirky: Personalised number plates a sickness?; Car vending machine; Drunk crashes anti-DUI vehicle

In our panel discussion with Errol Smith we take jovial look at stories including: Northern Territory drivers show personality by pimping their plates Singapore ‘car vending machine’ shape of things to come? Stranded Amtrack train passengers order pizza to stuck train/Cops pulled over man who had made in-car toilet Drunk driver crashes into cops new