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Interview – 100 years of Maserati – Glen Sealey

Some of the more exotic car makers did not start building road cars till relatively late in the car cycle. Enzo Ferrari started Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 to produce racing cars but did not start making road-legal cars till 1947. Lamborghini was founded in 1963. One of the longest names in car manufacturing is Maserati

Mercedes Hybrid And Social Media

A couple of interesting things have been happening with Mercedes of late. We have reported recently in our news segment about how successful Mercedes has been through social media. More of that later. But first, Hybrid systems in cars are good for power and energy consumption. But when should the system use the battery power

How to run a Lamborghini dealership

Lamborghini currently taking orders for two models in Australia – one is a super performance car with luxury fittings the other is more than that. Worldwide in 2011, Lamborghini had 831 employees and they sold about 1,600 vehicles.  2012 was a better year when they sold just over 2000 vehicles. This is not mass production.