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Vale a motoring and photo journalist

Sad news that one time motoring journalists and photographer, Nick Munting, has passed away at the age of 66. Dean Oliver, Overdrive’s resident artist, and I knew Nick from many years ago when we travelled to New Caledonia to go into the rugged rural areas, stand by dusty roads and watch rally cars. Seemed like

Mercedes Benz and electric vehicles

Mercedes Benz, electric vehicles and what the government should do to help   Fully electric cars have not taken off in Australia yet. We recently reported on the Federal Government giving a small amount for further research on electric vehicles while Transport for London is giving millions to actually build some more charging stations. The

Alan Davies – Bicycle freeways

Later this year the Victoria Government will open the $18 million 1.7-kilometre “missing link” in the bike network between the Darebin Creek and Yarra trails. There is good but is there room for improvement.  Just because it is to do with active transport have we really maximised the benefits for as many users as possible. Alan