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Rolls Royce – Change image –

A silk purse to a sow’s ear? On June 3rd 1965 a brand new Rolls Royce was delivered in England.  It was a phantom 5 model fitted with her limousine body and finished in a Valentines black. The car was delivered to John Lennon, from the Beatles.  Some years later, In think around 1967, Ringo

Audi All Wheel Drive – New Technology

When you want all-wheel drive but only when you need it drive system link to the power of a turbo charged engine. They developed a rally car that used this great grip and power. But a permanent four wheel drive system uses more energy and wears out more parts. Dieter Weidemann the head of Audi

BMW and electric vehicles

Why Australia is so far behind with encouraging electric vehicles No matter what you think about global environmental issues, the very clear fact is that local pollution in our cities is harming and killing people.  We need to act now. Electric cars will reduce local effects not only in terms of harmful gases but also

2017 Subaru XV – Distinctive small SUV

Managing Director of Subaru Australia comment on their latest launch and the small SUV market. In 2012Subaru launched the XV onto the Australian market, their smallest car in their current fleet. The latest XV is over 90% changed from the previous model with a few extra off road features but a host of comfort improvements.