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New car purchases are more efficient on average but consumer preferences are changing

The average vehicle sold in Australia is getting better at reducing the amount of pollution they create for the energy they are producing.  But fewer Australians are choosing low emissions cars, according to a report released by the National Transport Commission. Every year since 2002 the average emission intensity figures have fallen, however this year’s result is

Car Sales

Having been behind last year’s sales for the first four months of the year new vehicle purchases in Australia have shown some encouraging results in May. Compared to last year sales, May 2017 volumes are up 6.4% although in year to date terms we are still nearly 1% behind. Toyota had a strong month but

BMW launches car data unit

BMW is enhancing the way it captures and uses the data it can collect from your car. BMW CarData, enables customised service options for owners such as individualised insurance premiums, based, for example, on actual distance travelled. Or faster service appointments, because the necessary part has been ordered in advance. In the future, there will