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Subaru XV – MY 2018 First Impressions

Subaru vehicles have a special place in the market being car like in their on-road performance and competent in their off-road capability. In 2012 they launched the XV their smallest car in their current fleet. Small SUVs are better known for being cute rather than tough so the Subaru has a clear point of differentiation.

The 200th anniversary of the bicycle

Was the invention of the bicycle the result of a climatic catastrophe? 2017 is the 200th anniversary of Baron Karl von Drais first riding his invention of a wooden framed, two-wheel device, with steering that you propelled with your feet on the ground. Europe had had bad harvests from 1812-15 and the 1815 eruption of

The 24-hour city

The 24-hour city has some big implications for transport and not just in late night train or bus services. If a 24 hour city is to work it needs a comprehensive range of activities and transport systems that recognise the multi-dimensional needs of consumers. It needs a focused strategy.  Mirik Milan has been the Night Mayor

Local pollution is a big issue for transport

Transport service providers are coming under increasing pressure to do more about pollution. In what often appears to be a science free debate, some suggest that climate change is not an issue therefore the inference is that we do not need to worry about pollution. But local pollution and its harmful effects is now more