Citroen C4 Picasso – Good technology at a price

Citroen owners have always been proud of the technology in their cars.  If you go back to the old DSs, an owner would always seem to take you of a tour of the car pointing out the button brake pedal, the hydraulic suspension, the unique dials.

The new Citroen Picasso carries on this tradition with a wide range of equipment, for a price.

It is an unusual type of car.

It is the smaller version of the Grand Picasso which is a stylish people mover. The Picasso is only a five seater, it is taller than a station wagon but does not have the looks of an SUV.

Can this small car find a niche in the market?

To help us understand where the vehicle fits in I have on the line Alan Zurvas from gay car boys . com

  • Citroen says the baby Picasso is not an SUV, nor a people-mover, nor an MPV, but expects its enlarged hatch styling and practicality to appeal to family buyers.
  • It looks like a small people mover rather than an SUV.
  • Citroen’s newest offering is lined up to compete against the likes of BMW’s 2 Series Active Tourerand the Mercedes-Benz B-Class – provided the buyer is looking for five seats.
  • Benefits from this body shape can be seen on the inside, with the C4 Picasso boasting an airy cabin with 16 storage compartments (totalling 40 litres) and a segment-leading 537 litres of boot space with rear seats in place – rising to 1,851 litres with the seats folded.
  • Love the big front screen
  • Very interesting dash. The dials are in the centre console, they are on a 12 inch screen.  Means that a dial can be replaced with
  • Only one model
  • Power comes from a 1.6 litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine producing 121kW and 240Nm (and requiring 95RON or higher premium unleaded), matched to an all-new six-speed automatic transmission with paddle-shifters.
  • It’s not cheap
  • List of features
  • 360 view camera
  • Six-year warranty with six years roadside assistance and capped-price servicing.
  • Last year they sold only 1,307 cars in total – one of the better performers was the little commercial vehicle the Belingo

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