First Impressions – Toyota Kluger – 2014

Kluger sounds like a German military weapon.
For Toyota it is the name of one of their large SUVs and despite its strong name, it’s a bit of a soft roader. If you want to go rugged four wheel driving, Toyota would push you towards their Prado or even their mixture of hardiness and fashion the FJ cruiser.
But the Kluger is not a weak car. It certainly has a role to play. With seven seats and good luggage room, it has families as a major target market.
The first Kluger came to the Australia market in 2003 and there was a 2nd generation model in 2007 where for the first time they introduced a 2wd version.
Apparently recent Kluger models have a young average age for buyers and many have children who are at school.
Toyota has now launched a new model Kluger in 2014 and it says that it has made immense changes
Well does it? Let’s ask Brent Davison from the Newcastle Herald and the Illawarra Mercury.

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