Holden Barina RS – More power for women and men


The Holden Barina has had good success in selling to the female market. About 60% of their sales on current numbers.

There is nothing wrong with that, although you do not want to stereotype the feminine market on superficial issues assuming for example that women are only interested in the colour of the car.  Women can have discerning taste in all aspects of a car design and performance.

Nonetheless Holden want to appeal to as many men as possible.  What can help them appeal to some men and some more women, is to provide a performance vehicle.

Enter the Barina RS

Is it a superficial step or a good, racy vehicle?

To help us find out I have on the line Tim O’Brien from

Let’s get the colour thing out of the way first – this comes with a Orange Rock paint option,


  • 103kW/200Nm 1.4-turbo under the bonnet,
  • Manual and automatic (hunts a bit – no paddles)
  • With a low weight of around 1200kg
  • A 10mm lowered ride height, 15 per cent stiffer springs, up rated dampers and additional chassis bracing
  •  Barina CD and CDX, the RS runs disc brakes all round
  • Leather seats but not a lot past that
  • My link infotainment – 7 inch touch screen Interior
  • Motorbike style gauge-cluster
  • 290 litres of luggage space
  • offers five-door practicality
  • Competition Suzuki and Fiesta Sport – the VW Polo GTI or Peugeot’s new 208 GTi,

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