How cheap do you think petrol is in Australia?

According to research by Picodi, Malaysia has the cheapest petrol at 53 cents a litre in our currency. In Australia its $1.26 a litre while the dearest was Hong Kong at $3.10.

But cheap petrol means little if you have poor wages. The ratio of average wage to petrol price sees Australia on top, in our region.

Compared to the whole world, however, it is the Persian Gulf countries where people are in the best position to buy petrol. 

The research is not clear over what period they have calculated the numbers but they say an average Australia wage can buy 4,288 litres of petrol, Saudi Arabia it is 8,200 and in last place, Cuba it’s just 28 litres.

Cuba is well below countries such as Zambia where 219 litres can be purchase on an average wage.

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