How to run a Lamborghini dealership

Lamborghini currently taking orders for two models in Australia – one is a super performance car with luxury fittings the other is more than that.

Worldwide in 2011, Lamborghini had 831 employees and they sold about 1,600 vehicles.  2012 was a better year when they sold just over 2000 vehicles.

This is not mass production.  Toyota makes 2000 cars every 1 hour and 45 minutes.

This is a specialist car maker in the extreme.

There is now a new dealer for Lamborghini covering NSW and the ACT.  How do you go about creating a dealership for such an exclusive brand of motor car?

Let’s find out from Dwyer Ogle, Dealer Principal of Lamborghini Sydney.

In our discussion we cover issues such as:

  • Last year Lamborghini sold just 47 cars in Australia.  Is this the target for this year?
  • How do you go about establishing relationships with clientele for such an exclusive brand
  • It is not unusual to have to wait 9-12 months for a car to be delivered
  • They may even go to the factory with the buyer to specify the car.  The factory is in Italy!!
  • A road test is not top of the list for most potential buyers.  Delivery time and do I fit into the car are often more important.
  • Part of dealing with the customers is to have event days like a race track experience.
  • Lamborghini is open to people who just want to come and have a look
  • Lamborghinis have tended to have a “Batmobile” look.  New Huracan is a little smoother.
  • The new Huracan has already got many orders.
  • When you drive a Lamborghini you are often let into the main stream of traffic because people want to see the rear of the car to confirm what it is.



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