Interview – Wendy Machin – NRMA – Federal Budget


The Federal Budget has had an impact on motorists is it a great burden and what should the government be doing with the money they take from the motoring public. Well the largest motoring club in Australia, the NRMA, has long been a campaigner for the motorists and we are fortunate to have an interview with Wendy Machin the President of NRMA Motoring & Services.

  • The indexation of the fuel excise does not mean much in the short term
  • The fuel excise has been taken from motorist for nearly 100 years.  It was first started to pay for road improvements but now the Federal Government keeps the majority for programs other than roads.
  • Los Angeles has built freeways to excess but Australian cities still need a good road network.
  • In Sydney they have built some links but not others so the existing freeways stop in the middle of the city or do not go into important regions.
  • The new Federal Government has said they would fund a number of major road projects but many of these were already announced by previous governments.
  • Public transport is an important part of the transport system.  A balanced approach includes advocating for public transport.

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