Kia Optima: They call it a GT but it is really a comfortable family car

Road test of the Kia Optima in Australia. David Brown speaks with Errol Smith.  For quite a while I have liked the look of the Kia Optima, a medium sized sedan.  Haven’t driven one for a while. We have driven the Ford Mondeo and it has come a long way and the Toyota Camry has got a bit better looking – a bit. Subaru’s latest Liberty is a pretty good car.

So how is the Optima holding up.  They released a new model late last year. There are only two versions the SI $34,490 plus on road costs. The GT comes in at $43,990.  That’s a price hike of $3,000 on the previous model. But it is still not expensive. Not sure you can call it a GT but a good family car nonetheless.

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