Kia Sportage – Cementing Kia’s place as a quality producer

When the third generation Kia Shortage arrived in 2010 it help make an important statement about Kia. It re-inforced the view that Kia was not just about cheap cars but could compete in terms of good design and quality manufacturing.
As medium sized SUVs go it was practical, quite good looking but not necessarily a stand out over its competitors.
In 2015 it was the seventh bestselling vehicle in the lower priced medium SUV segment. But it might soon lose a place with the very significant sales of the other Korean in this class, the Hyundai Tucson, which was released in August last year..
Kia Australia has just released the fourth generation model of the Sportage.
The three models span the price range from $29,000 plus on, goes up to $46,000 for the top of the range Platinum AWD diesel.
David Brown interviews Alan Zurvas about the launch drive of the vehicle.

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