Nissan Navara 2017 – Not much changed but a few more variations – no back seat cup holders!

In the one-tonneute market, there is a wide variety of customer needs.

Much publicity has been given to the ‘7 day a week’ segment that favours the dual cab where the ute tray might be used for carrying tools during the week but the vehicle has a specific function with the family and on weekends it is more likely to be carrying bikes or surf boards in the back.

When the all new Navara was launch nearly two years ago, Nissan proudly spoke of the 27 different model specifications that covered single cab, king cab and dual cab configurations with a chassis or pickup tray.

But no amount of internal review can guarantee the moving target that is customer desires.

Nissan has now released the series 2 version of the new Navara and have added another specification level across all their model configurations.

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