Overdrive: BMW goes mobility; Holden in Australia; Vietnam goes beyond motorbikes

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that canvases issues related to cars and transport.

I’m David Brown

And in this program, we look at news stories with including:


  1. Holden to invest $120m a year on local engineering and design
  2. Kia motors showcases next-generation separated sound zone technology
  3. Revealed: The biggest menace on the roads
  4. Ford will shrink platform count to just 5
  5. GM has filed patents for 3 more active aero technologies
  6. 840 Dangerous Motorway Bridges in France
  7. Audi drops manual transmissions from 2019 line-up


We talk to the General Manager of Communications from BMW Australia about a mobility forum they recently held in Melbourne.

And we here from Brian Smith on his upcoming trip to Vietnam to try and fix some transport problems there and then his reflections on some of the transport approaches we will have here in Australia in the future.

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Let’s start with the news

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