Overdrive: Commodore crash test; Golf Original; Kia Picanto; Quirky news

In this program, we look at news stories with including:
1. New Holden Commodore Crash tested
2. Mazda’s future gas engines could be cleaner than electric motors
3. UK Government to punish emissions cheat devices with ‘unlimited’ fines
4. Dealers start to worry about ebbing repair income from electric cars
5. Tesla Model S racing is now a real thing, approved by FIA sanctioning body

We have a first drive on the Volkswagen Original. It is a new model but it keeps a sense of engagement with the vehicle that harks back to earlier motoring times.

We Road Test the Kia Picanto.

And in our panel discussion with Error Smith and Brian Smith we take an effervescent look at stories including:
1. Oregon residents freaking out about pumping their own petrol now that self service is being allowed.
2. Nissan working on mind-reading cars
3. Man painted his own road marking to get a quicker trip to work
4. GM’s self-driving car won’t have steering wheel or pedals

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