Overdrive: Kia Sorento and a country adventure; Vietnamese Vinfast buy proving ground; EV Drag Car

Hello and welcome, this is Overdrive a program that tries to spread the word about trains, planes, and automobiles.


  1. Automotive R&D to Continue at Lang Lang Proving Ground with Vinfast Purchase (1:33)
  2. Who is Vinfast (2:38)
  3. Car sales for August (3:41)
  4. Subaru To Farewell Liberty Line-Up (4:44)
  5. V8 Mustang Cobra Jet dragster vs electric Cobra (5:45)


  • Alan Zurvas takes us through the new Kia Sorento (6:53)


  1. Recycle tyres – real job creation scheme? (14:11)
  2. The wankiest press release (15:11)
  3. Hard to read signposts (16:46)


  • Alan talked about the new Kia Sorento.  We got the team together and took it for a drive in the country with another large SUV from a different heritage.  It was the quaint country environment that generated much of the conversation including the trains. (20:05)
New Mercedes – Details obscured in wanky press release

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Originally broadcast 12 September 2020

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