Overdrive: Maserati Lavante; Morris Minor performance!; Ford’s Scooters; Cyclist Road Rage

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, where we take a populous approach to cars and transport.

I’m David Brown

And in the program this week we look at news stories with David Campbell

  1. Telstra exec quits to replace Musk as Tesla chairman
  2. Vehicles from Mexico, Canada escape import tariff under trade pact
  3. Melbourne Based SEA hopes for significant market share.
  4. Infiniti Australia hopes for better days
  5. Ford purchases scooter company Spin
  6. Maserati cars and Bentley Limousines for APEC summit
  7. One in five Australian drivers admits to cyclist road rage, survey finds

We hear a motoring minute on the new pricing for the Maserati and I reflect on driving it from Albury to Melbourne on the secondary roads.

We review an ad from the 1950s for the latest Morris Minor, Performance then isn’t what it is today.

And Errol Smith and I take a sunny look at some weird and wonderful news stories about cars and transport.

  • Motorising transport that was once aimed at keeping you fit.

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Originally broadcast 17 November 2018.

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