Overdrive: New Hilux; Audi e-tron; Toy cars gathering dust; COVID-19 – no need for a driving test!

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  • New Hilux Upgrades Style, Performance and Features (2:00)
  • Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback set to arrive in Australia (2:57)
  • Recycling more heat: Hyundai and Kia turn up EV efficiency with new heat pump technology (4:02)
  • Honda Australia creates Bathurst dreamscape made of LEGO® bricks (5:07)
  • Flop of BlueIndy car-share reflects broader ride-hailing challenges (6:00)


  • Has our clever traffic signal systems been able to cope with the big volume changes from COVID-19 or are we all getting frustrated? Ken Dobinson, a senior manager when the world-class SCATS system was developed in Sydney has his doubts. (7:10)
  • Have you kept some toy cars from your youth? 30 years ago our very own Dean Oliver put aside a few toys on top of the cupboard; they were impossible to throw away because of the memories. Dean relates his dusty rediscovery. (15:22)


  • On a few issues that have come up (19:57)

Quirky news

  • And in quirky news Brian Smith asks the question: “Should COVID-19 mean you don’t have to take a driver’s test?” (20:55)

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