Overdrive: New Nissan Navara; MG ZST; MMGA (Make Monaros Great Again); James Bond’s favourite car

Hello and welcome to Overdrive a program that ponders the purpose of cars and transport

I’m David Brown


  • October 2020 vehicles sales gives a glimmer of hope (1:39)
  • The new Nissan Navara overview (2:44)
  • Key stumbling blocks for electric vehicle adoption (3:43)
  • California gives vehicle manufacturers makers until end of year to come clean on emissions cheats (4:56)
  • 1967 Toyota 2000GT sells for $912,500, – A roofless version of this model of car was used in the James Bond Movie “You Only Live Twice” (6:02)


  • Alan Zurvas gives us an overview of a new MG ZST (7:09)


  • A pricey Monaro (12:53)
  • GM goes for the Electric pack for old vehicles (13:21)
  • Traffic lights and how we could do better.  I have some feedback from my attempts to get some information out of government (14:05)


  • Brian Smith has accepted the role of political adviser to the Make Monaros Great Again (MMGA) campaign – we hear his thoughts (18:51)

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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 7th November 2020

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