Overdrive: Servicing your car; Mustang and Audi A4; Do bicycle helmets work? Scania Truck clock

Overdrive: Welcome to Overdrive, a program about the wonderful world of motoring and transport.

And in this program we look at news stories including:

Do bicycle helmets work?, Average speed cameras ‘cut worst crashes by more than a third’, How to create 16,000 jobs in the car industry, Looking back on the 131-year battle to build a railway to the Redcliffe peninsula, Android Pay and MasterCard offer free travel on London’s public transport, App aims to cut smartphone-related traffic accidents by ‘bribing’ drivers with coffee

We reflect a little on an email from a listener when we hear from a car owner who has meticulously researched issues of getting your car serviced.

We also have a few driving impressions of the Ford Mustang and the Audi A4 Avant.

And in our panel discussion with Errol Smith we take a light-hearted look at stories including:

Scania wastes resources to have trucks make real-time clock, for… some… reason?, Car thief in day-long rampage defeated by manual transmission, Japanese app translates rail announcements for tourists, Forbidden vanity plates vary by state in US

Originally aired on 8 October 2016. For past programs and individual segments visit

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