Overdrive:News: Connecting Brisbane, Audi S4 and a bus by any other name

If autonomous buses can serve the super bowl they can go anywhere.

Hello and welcome to Overdrive a program that samples as much as it can of the experiences of cars and transport

I’m David Brown

And in this program, we take a look at the latest news stories including:

  • A new plan for Connecting Brisbane
  • Managing shared bikes without docking stations
  • Serving the Super Bowl – public credibility and the autonomous bus
  • Searching the World for your stolen bike
  • Barriers against rogue vehicles
  • 200th anniversary of the bike – coping with technological change.
  • The 30-year plan for greater Adelaide – does it consider new technology

We talk to Lenore Fletcher the General Manager Corporate Communications from BMW who has some fighting words about how far behind Australia is in encouraging alternative fuels

We road test the Audi S4 Avant.  What a rocket.

We also talk to Brian Smith about a fantastic new ride sharing scheme which turns out to be a bus.


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Now to begin the program let’s have the news.

Originally aired on 01 July 2017. For past programs and individual segments visit

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