Road Test – Renault Clio

Part of the Renault image is its performance cars. The company has a long history of motor sport involvement and producing some hot vehicles. Their smallest car – the Clio – was first sold in Australia in the early 1990s.  In recent years they

Road Test – Kia Rondo

People movers.  You get seven seats but is it with all the style of a mini bus. The people mover market is very small. Up till August this year it has accounted for only 0.8% of the Australian market.  A class once owned by

Movie Rush – 1976 F1 Championship

There have been a lot of movies based around the theme of motor racing from the sublime to the ridiculous. The cute ‘Herbie’ movies The comedies such as ‘Talladega Nights’ The Cartoons such as ‘Cars’ and most recently ‘Turbo’ which is defined as “A

Road Test – Mercedes A45

When talking about hot hatches recently we mentioned the just released Mercedes A45. Now when I was a bit younger you were very proud of your rally car if you hotted it up to having 100 hp per litre in the engine. This new