Road Test – Audi A3 – 2013

In May this year Audi launched a new A3 model This is their model that fits into the compact sized vehicles along with the BMW 1 series, the A&B class Mercedes, The Citroen DS4 and the Volvo V40. This is the third generation of

Road Test – Renault Clio

Part of the Renault image is its performance cars. The company has a long history of motor sport involvement and producing some hot vehicles. Their smallest car – the Clio – was first sold in Australia in the early 1990s.  In recent years they

Road Test – Kia Rondo

People movers.  You get seven seats but is it with all the style of a mini bus. The people mover market is very small. Up till August this year it has accounted for only 0.8% of the Australian market.  A class once owned by