Road Test – Mercedes A45

When talking about hot hatches recently we mentioned the just released Mercedes A45. Now when I was a bit younger you were very proud of your rally car if you hotted it up to having 100 hp per litre in the engine. This new

Peugeot RCZ

As soon as I saw this car in the flesh it rekindled my love of its looks. It is the Peugeot RCZ sports car. A long slung, two door delight with curvaceous lines, a slightly stubby nose and a solid tail with prominent bulges

National Motor Museum Inverell

Inverell is a regional county town approximately 570 kilometres by road north of Sydney and 430 kilometres south west of Brisbane. It is a town of about 16,000 people. The biggest tourist attraction in the town is the National Transport Museum How did this

In Car Cameras

Traditional media and social media outlets are now being flooded with on-the-spot pictures of events including videos taken from the inside of cars. Having a visual record of what happens might not only be entertaining but can also be useful in a legal stoush

Hyundai i30 SR

Hyundai has launched its new i30 SR.  It is a warm hatch not a hot one.  Super hot hatches are the Renault Megane 265, the Ford Focus ST (184 Kw), the recently released Mercedes with unbelievable horse power and the recently departed Opel Astra