Road Test – Holden Commodore – 2013

Launched in Maylast year, the new Holden Commodore brings a lot of new technology and gizmos to the table. And it shows: the sales of the Commodore are up 35% compared to last year, and especially the use of modern technology features an important selling point for manufacturers like Holden.

New gadgets for the Commodore
Cruise control, clever headlights, and reversing cameras – do we really need these things in a modern car or are they overkill? Manufacturers are luring consumers to their showrooms with modern technology and for Holden that is no different. For one the Holden Commodore now has auto park assist. Do we really need the car to park for us? Some might want to park the car themselves; some might want the car to park itself. The big drawback of the parking assisting is that it is not complete yet: it won’t assess a parking spot, it won’t park automatically it when you are going too fast and the driver still has to brake and determine the speed.

Some great additions to the Commodore
The head up display is a great addition to the car. You simply look through the wind screen, but still get the numbers. The Commodore also comes with a screen that gives you your lateral acceleration, such as the g forces that are being experienced. This might be too much, but nevertheless there will certainly be an audience for it.

Another addition to the Commodore is the blind spot assistance, which really adds value to the car. Now you do not have to worry about – for example – motorcycles that are in your blind spot. Alleviating those worries is always a great innovation. One other great addition is the fact that the key of the Commodore is now smart too – you will not have to take it out of your trousers. It makes getting in a lot easier, as it will starting the car.

Conclusion on the Holden Commodore
Heated seats, reversing cameras, Holden all in all has done a good job on the safety and convenience features of their best-selling model. It is sitting right up there with the high-end, luxury cars in terms of supplies. And the biggest advantage is of course that you’re buying Australian. We highly recommend the Holden Commodore!

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