Road Test – Mercedes E Class Coupe – E400

Many years ago I drove a big Mercedes 2 door coupe.  Back then it cost about $120,000 and it only had a 1.8 litre engine.  It was not an altogether enjoyable experience as the car struggled with power and the automatic hunted away for gears in fits and starts.

But now I have just driven the Mercedes E Class coupe.  It was altogether a much more pleasurable experience.

If you are buying a E class Mercedes Coupe you are doing so for style and looks.

I loved it.  I felt elegant.

I drove the top of the range E400 with a turbo charged V6 engine.

I know it has only two doors, seats only two in the back and the headroom is less than the sedan but it glided through the streets and made me feel good.

Is it me or does it spread its good will to others in the market?

Let’s ask Brent Davidson from the Newcastle Herald and the Illawarra Mercury.

  • I think it looks much better in the flesh than in pictures
  • Flowing style and little touches like a chrome strip around the bottom of the front spoiler
  • No B pillar – open the four windows to get the lovely coupe shape
  • Plush interior – red seatbelts – like an abstract painting – a dark picture with bright flash across the work
  • It has active cruise control (which even operates in traffic), voice-controlled satellite navigation, keyless entry/start, leather sports seats, large sun-roof and a many driver assistance technologies.
  • Power – 3 litre V6 turbo – more than enough – no turbo lag
  • No seat warmers – I don’t like them although the wife and 13 year old are rather keen – Now on a $23,000 Fiat Panda
  • Price $128,545

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