Road Test – Renault Clio GT

The Renault Clio fits into the Light car class, the second smallest class for vehicles in Australia. Only the Micro cars are smaller.
The leader of the pack in sales this year is the Mazda 2 followed by the Hyundai i20 and the Toyota Yaris.
Clios are important to Renault. They account for 30% of Renault sales (even when including the Trafic vans)
The new base model Clios arrived in September last year and the performance RS200 model about a month later.
Now they have launched a Clio GT which fits in between the runabouts and the performance version.

How well does it fit – Let’s ask motoring journalist Ian Crawford
• The new Clio GT is available exclusively with the TCe 120 powertrain from the central Clio range. This 1.2-litre 120hp (88 kW) turbo engine delivers peak torque of 190Nm and is mated to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, produced by Getrag.
• Developed by Renault Sport Technologies, Clio GT features an exclusive GT chassis, specifically designed to provide a keener handling edge than the central Clio range.
• The Clio GT chassis’ springs are 5% stiffer compared to the standard Clio range and the damping forces are 50% increased at the front and 40% at the rear.
• Starting at an RRP of $25,290 for the standard model and RRP $28,790 for the Premium Clio GT.

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