Subaru has sold the WRX for many years. Is it a reason to join the company?: We asked David Rowley, who joined Subaru over 21 years ago

COVID has meant that in some cases we have not been able to return the press car that we usually have for a week.

Unfortunately, I have had to keep the Subaru WRX STI for several weeks. Unfortunately for those who were to get it next but great for me.

David Rowley is the National Corporate Affairs Manager for Subaru Australia and joins us on the line

Subjects covered include:

  • How much was his decision to go to Subaru influenced by them having the WRX?
  • How did his children react when he bought one home?
  • What about his children’s friends
  • Why has the WRX been such a hero car?
  • When is the next generation coming?

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