Superbowl Ads – The real meaning behind the highly expensive car ads

Well we have just had the American Super Bowl, which is apparently a game of something between two teams.
But of course the real issue was the ads that they played during the game, most specifically the car ads.
For the 2016 Super Bowl, American broadcaster CBS set the rate for a 30-second advertisement at $5 million.
Hyundai seems to have spent the most – two 30-second in-game ads, one 60-second pre-kickoff ad and one 60-second pre-game ad for a grand total of $30 million.
And they had to pay to produce the ads. This year they had four different ones.
They top the scores on USA Today’s influential Super Bowl Ad Meter.
This year was the 50th anniversary.
David Brown, Errol Smith and Brian Smith critique these advertisements, for content, originality, creativity and overall impact and perhaps hidden meaning.

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