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Quirky: Dodge Demon – Street racer 2017

Fiat Chrysler produces a car that reflects the 1960’s muscle car period. Made for going very fast in a straight line.   Alan Zurvas and David Brown take a merry look at Fiat/Chrysler‘s latest super car – the Dodge Demon.  Less of a modern complete package and more of the old muscle car street dragster. Have a

Quirky: Personalised number plates a sickness?; Car vending machine; Drunk crashes anti-DUI vehicle

In our panel discussion with Errol Smith we take jovial look at stories including: Northern Territory drivers show personality by pimping their plates Singapore ‘car vending machine’ shape of things to come? Stranded Amtrack train passengers order pizza to stuck train/Cops pulled over man who had made in-car toilet Drunk driver crashes into cops new

Quirky News: Better traffic light idea gets squashed, Commuter Barbie, Naked Archimedes, Car kissing

In our panel discussion with Brian Smith and Errol Smith we take a light-hearted look at stories including: Engineer who pointed out traffic signal flaw fined for unlicensed engineering Parody “commuter barbie” doll listens to NPR, hates manspreaders Naked statue of Archimedes could distract drivers People Locked In A 50-Hour Kissing Contest For A Free