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Overdrive Program – 30 May 2015 – News, Road tests and humour

Overdrive 30 May 2015. News including: Do the benefits of stop-start technology outweigh the irritations? Prius batteries becoming popular target for thieves; Ford goes backwards with 2016 F-150 tech (in a good way); Jules Bianchi: French driver’s situation ‘stagnant’, says family; Amsterdam’s buses to be electric within 10 years; First electric car ferry goes into

Overdrive Program – EU wants more electric cars, Norway restricts roundabouts, Lexus NX 200t & Renault Captur

Overdrive 14 Feb 2015 – News stories including: EU prioritises  electric transport; Norway restricts roundabouts;  Sonata gets 5 star ANCAP  rating but Celerio on hold; Hand-held phone gets prison time in Singapore; London demands safer trucks; and robotic cars get wined up. Road tests of two new small SUVs, the luxury Lexus NX 200t and