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Bosch debuts first motorcycle split-screen display

If you can’t beat them, join them According to a survey by the Bosch company, nearly 90% of motorcycle riders use their smartphone to prepare for or follow-up on trips. A third of those polled admitted to using their smartphone while riding. Motor cycle riders have to look at their dials for safety reasons such

Volvo mixes virtual with real-world testing

Testing car design or trying to train drivers with computer simulation, has not had the real feel of driving a car. Volvo test drivers are now getting behind the virtual wheel, wearing a full-body haptic suit and a mixed-reality headset Haptic means relates to a sense of feel and haptic feedback creates the illusion of

Elon Musk hints at a new compact car for Europe

If a chief executive has to get out into the real world it can often bring about significant changes in their products Elon Musk, entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, recently tried to find a parking spot for his Model X in Berlin. The model X is a large SUV with phenomenal acceleration but this was

NZ police to get Skodas to replace Holdens

With Holden leaving the market, Australia police forces have chosen a range of different alternatives. Now NZ police have taken a direction similar to Europe more than Australia. They will be replacing their Holden fleet with Skodas built in the Czech Republic. The specific model is the Skoda Superb station wagon in either the 162KW