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Overdrive: Genesis reborn; ULEV emission zone; Snow trips; Lies, damned lies and autonomous vehicles

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program about cars and culture I’m David Brown In this program we have: News stories London EV demand ‘rising’ since ULEZ intro, says Carwow (1:27) Genesis Opens Doors On First Australian Flagship Studio in Sydney (2:39) Names of automated-driving systems mislead motorists Prof Currie (3:37) Competition will explore new

Overdrive: News about spotting Kangaroos and the Tokyo Motor Show

Overdrive. News: Volvo Cars begins first ever Australian tests for unique kangaroo safety research technology; An analysis of real-world crashes involving self-driving vehicles; Nissan unveils prototype vehicle to test ‘Piloted Drive 1.0’ on public highways; New machine-learning technology can detect driver distraction; App uses road-weather data for usage-based insurance scoring; Mayor and TfL finalise ULEZ