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Overdrive: Electric cargo pushbike; Renault Master Van; Works of art on the side of delivery vans

Hello and welcome to Overdrive, a program that relishes all sorts of information and experiences in the world of motoring and transport. News Govt raised $7.1 Million with Mobile Phone Detection Cameras  (1:43) Australians concerned about hygiene on public transport (2:36) Clean is the new safety paradigm for AV development (3:35) Renault van – safety

Overdrive Program – 30 May 2015 – News, Road tests and humour

Overdrive 30 May 2015. News including: Do the benefits of stop-start technology outweigh the irritations? Prius batteries becoming popular target for thieves; Ford goes backwards with 2016 F-150 tech (in a good way); Jules Bianchi: French driver’s situation ‘stagnant’, says family; Amsterdam’s buses to be electric within 10 years; First electric car ferry goes into