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Cycling and the driver training process

Cycling and the driver licensing process The Ford Driving Skills for Life program has been expanding its reach since it started four years ago. Now they have entered a partnership with the Amy Gillett Foundation to help drivers understand how to safely share the road with cyclists and other vulnerable road users. The Amy Gillett

Road safety and the science of behaviour change – If the answer is obvious why are we failing?

Road safety and the science of behaviour change David Brown – Life Member AITPM and Director Driven Media Elizabeth Ampt –Director of Concepts of Change   AITPM National Conference July 24-27, 2018 Perth Australia Abstract: If the answer is obvious what are we failing? Using so-called behaviour change techniques to shape road safety messages is

England campaign to stop tailgating

England has a problem with aggressive drivers tailgating the vehicles in front of them. According to figures from Highways England almost nine out of 10 drivers say they have been tailgated, with some left feeling “victimised”. One in eight of all road casualties are caused by people who drive too close to the vehicle in