Traffic Lights Archive

Quirky News: Better traffic light idea gets squashed, Commuter Barbie, Naked Archimedes, Car kissing

In our panel discussion with Brian Smith and Errol Smith we take a light-hearted look at stories including: Engineer who pointed out traffic signal flaw fined for unlicensed engineering Parody “commuter barbie” doll listens to NPR, hates manspreaders Naked statue of Archimedes could distract drivers People Locked In A 50-Hour Kissing Contest For A Free

Quirky News: Shakespeare Stations; Bouncy Castle Train; Ped road lights; Fine? – write 50 lines

A humorous look at motoring and transport subjects from the Overdrive team. In this edition: London tube’s ‘mind the gap’ warning voice artist Phil Sayer dies; William Shakespeare: New London Underground map marks 400 years since playwright’s death; Space-saving ‘bouncy castle’ train design presented to Network Rail; Germany installs traffic lights in footpaths for cellphone-distracted