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Why people love cars and not public transport

Why people choose to drive rather than use public transport is a question that many people have an opinion on, usually about the cost and convenience.  But what does the research say? Dr Jennifer Kent, who is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Urban and Regional Planning program at the University of Sydney, has being looking

Quirky News – Trends, other uses of public transport, Brock telemovie, Squeezing things into cars

A humorous look at motoring and transport subjects from the Overdrive team. In this edition: Virtual Cockpit in Cars, Manspreading, filming rather than rescuing, Other uses for public transport, Wedding tram, living on a train, Peter Brock telemovie, Loading a car Originally aired 19 September 2015. For past programs and individual segments visit

Overdrive – News, The Future; Nissan Pulsar SSS; Batman saves the day

Overdrive. News including: Autonomous Emergency Braking; Uber losing money?; Defensive driver courses; Here mapping; Sharrows; Private car park fines; Jazz trams. We discuss the future of motoring and transport. We road test the Nissan Pulsar SSS sedan. Plus quirky news including: Batman saves the day, Ludicrous speed, Showing your heartbeat; Peter Brock Commodore. Originally aired