The Lemon Car – Teaching kids the basics

When Overdrive interviewed the respected academic Dr Bridie Scott-Parker who is an expert in road safety for young people, she said that the first thing she does with a young person who is about to have the first lesson in a car, is to show them where the spare tyre is.  Her point is that understanding about the vehicle is an important step before you actually start controlling the vehicle.

Mark Poulton takes this approach a step further.  He is creating a career in going to schools with his special vehicle called the Lemon Car.

What’s it all about?  He joins us on the line to tell us.

  • What is the car
  • You can make the car illegal
  • You show the students tyres in various stages of wear.
  • You also show them window tinting
  • What is the correct way to display L and P plates
  • Not talking at them
  • Teach them about fines
  • Doof Doof noise can be illegal
  • Not allowed to smoke with a child in the car
  • Where do you do it
  • 1 hour sessions – 50-60 children in the class

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