Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series: Rough, tough, few creature comforts but goes for ever

Would you buy a vehicle where AC is only an optional extra, it is only available with a manual gear box, only the top spec model has electric windows, to adjust the rear vision mirrors you have to reach outside and do it by hand – there not electronic let along heated and the vehicle is not particularly cheap.

Could such a vehicle be sold in the Australian market.  Well the Toyota Landcruiser 70 series is just that vehicle and the owners absolutely love them.

The 70 series is mainly sold as a cab-chassis ute style vehicle although you can get it as a troop carrier.  They start at about $61,000 plus on road cost but by the time you put on a tray, AC etc is could be at least $75,000.

So who buys them?

Matt Wood from Bauer Trade Publications and I were on the launch and Matt joins us on the line to talk about the vehicle.

Originally aired on 29 October 2016. For past programs and individual segments visit

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