Volkswagen Drive Day – Scirocco, Tiguan and Touareg


Volkswagen has rationalised its fleet in Australia and has developed its R-Line models for people who want a sporty feel to their cars.

The biggest change to the lineup has been to remove the 3 door hatchback version of the Golf. Its focus is on the 5 door Golf. For those who want a two door sporty car Volkswagen has the Scirocco.

I drove the one model of the Scirocco that they are now offering (188 Kw turbo 2 litre although you can get it in manual of dual clutch automatic) that will be released onto the Australian market in early 2015.  It is not based on the Golf platform (mores the pity) but it is still a pretty good little peddler.

I also drove the new version of their small SUV the Tiguan. The latest version of the diesel engine is a beauty.  So quiet that you could think it sounds like a petrol engine. I think it suits the Tiguan the best with all of its torque.

In the R-Line models Volkswagen also has the big SUV the Touareg with a 4.2 litre diesel V8. They are well match in a car that if the Golf GTi or the Scirocco are speed boats then the big Touareg is a tug boat. It has the power to push its ways through anything.

Brent Davison has been to Europe to drive some models from the Volkswagen stable and he joins me on the line for a chat.

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