A Listener’s Garage – Allan and the E-Type, Lamborghini and Mazda

If you have some cars that are special to you, how do you use them.  If they are exotic how do you treat them.  Car enthusiasts are a special breed that we at Overdrive like to understand.

Alan is one such car lover whose house has one great feature – that is a six car garage.  Well his house has other very nice features as well but that is not our interest at this stage.

Alan joins us on the line now.

  • You race the Mazda with your daughter – a good bonding exercise?
  • The E-Type has been lovingly restored.
  • The V12 engine – some say it can give you trouble but if you look after it they are a sweet thing
  • The engine has a lot of torque – four speed box –
  • Do you take it for runs
  • The Lamborghini – what is the model – Unusual colour –
  • Which gets more attention the 40 year old E-type or the 6 year old Lamborghini


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