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Road Test – Ford EcoSport

Ford makes some pretty good little sedans.  We recently raved about the Fiesta ST here on Overdrive.  Well they now have also brought a small SUV onto the market; the EcoSport. It’s designed in Brazil and it’s built in Indian and it’s based on the Fiesta platform. It looks the part and one of the

Road Test – Ford Fiesta – ST – 2014

I love hot hatches. From the moment I owned my first mini (well before BMW came onto the scene) I salivated over nippy little cars that are easy to park, take up only a small space but corner with aggression and accelerate in a manner that belies their engine size. The Fiesta is the smallest

Overdrive Program – 14 December 2013

Welcome to Overdrive, a program that digs up in all sorts of information about the world of motoring and transport. This sound file is a full program. Other segments of the program such as the road test are also on the web site. I’m DB And in this program we have the latest news including:

Road Test – Ford Kuga – 2013

  The Ford Kuga is classified as a medium size SUV under $60,000. Ford introduced a Kuga model back in March 2012.  It was already a four year old model and limited supply meant that Ford Australia would get only 200 per month.  It replaced the unlamented Ford Escape. Now the new model, released this