Overdrive: EVs outsells diesels; Tesla outsells Audi; Toyota backs fuel cells; Quirky history of Central Railway Station

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I’m David Brown

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  1. Tesla outsells Audi
  2. Electric vehicles outsell diesels cars in Western Europe
  3. Nissan Premcar
  4. Toyota demonstrates broad potential of FCEV technology as part of hydrogen showcase
  5. Mazda CX-30 G25 Astina

Listeners Feedback

  • Fellow presenter Sharon Thomson helps me read out interesting responses from some of our recent posts on social media


  • In our feature story, the NSW government is refurbishing the grand Central railway station which was opened in 1906.
  • Overdrive went on a tour with railway historian Stuart Sharp to find some of the original politicking and happenstance that led to its design and character


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Cars Transport Culture

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Originally broadcast on 29 April 2023