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Overdrive: Computer games for transport planning; Dual cab Jeep and Isuzu –differences? Kia Picanto; Nissan Patrol; Trip to Rydal

Hello, this is Overdrive a program about trains, planes, and automobiles, but mainly automobiles. News Kia Picanto (1:45) Nissan Patrol (2:48) Toyota Australia announces vehicles added to Takata airbag recall (3:55) Nissan re-leaf: power when it’s needed, where it’s needed (5:01) Insurance claims time being shortened (6:05) Computer games to help the community define new transport schemes (7:09) Interview Rob Fraser

Overdrive: News; Automatic braking when reversing; Last Oz Commodore; Suzuki Vitara; Quirky news

Overdrive – News: Automatic braking in reverse; Drones for traffic management; Effect of congesting pricing; Open Speed limits; Moving footpaths instead of trains, Targeting tailgating; Ford Falcon’s death date. We discuss the last Australian built Commodore. We review the latest Suzuki Vitara. Plus quirky news including: Virtual cockpits; Man-spreading, filming accidents rather than helping. Originally