Overdrive: Computer games for transport planning; Dual cab Jeep and Isuzu –differences? Kia Picanto; Nissan Patrol; Trip to Rydal

Hello, this is Overdrive a program about trains, planes, and automobiles, but mainly automobiles.


  1. Kia Picanto (1:45)
  2. Nissan Patrol (2:48)
  3. Toyota Australia announces vehicles added to Takata airbag recall (3:55)
  4. Nissan re-leaf: power when it’s needed, where it’s needed (5:01)
  5. Insurance claims time being shortened (6:05)
  6. Computer games to help the community define new transport schemes (7:09)


Rob Fraser has been driving a couple of dual-cab utes that couldn’t be more different. One’s a Jeep, one’s an Isuzu (8:16)


How some of our comments may have been misheard from last week’s program (14:05)

Motoring minute

Audi RSQ Sportback (15:30)


Recently we visited the township of Rydal, south west of Sydney and the lovely railway buildings.  The railways have been important to the town and railway historian Stuart Sharp gives us the politicking that went into developing the station. (16:47)

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So, let’s start with the news

Originally broadcast 3 October 2020

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