Overdrive: Jaguar pothole funds; Isuzu DMAX & MUX; Citroen history; Ford AEB shopping cart

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I’m David Brown


And in this weeks program

  1. Are commuter car parks worth it? (1:39)
  2. Via brings micro-transit service in Seattle (2:31)
  3. Warn fellow road users about potholes and earn cryptocurrency as you drive (3:03)
  4. How the world’s first flying car racing league was born (3:59)
  5. Ford’s self-braking shopping cart will stop your kids ramming strangers’ shins (4:45)
  6. Does the Ford Mustang has an unfair advantage (5:45)
  7. There are two motoring minutes from Rob Fraser both about Isuzu products
    The DMAX X Runner (6:51)
    MUX Update (14:19)
  8. We hear again from rally driver Molly Taylor and what she went through in travelling to England to prove her credentials as a driver. (7:48)
  9. We hear Alan Zurvas’ report on a historical event for Citroen (15:17)
  10. And we get our resident artist Dean Oliver and Brian Smith to talk about the changing outward appear of cars in the light of the Shanghai Motor Show (20:52)


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So, let’s start with the news


Originally broadcast 5 May 2019

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